Sunday, January 7, 2018

Harrison's First Birthday Party: NASA Theme

Harrison's birthday was January 2nd, where he turned one. Like everyone seems to say I can't believe he is one already. I wouldn't say it feels like yesterday like I had him (read my birth story here), but it certainly doesn't feel like a whole year has gone by. He has grown so much and is such a happy boy. 

I went back and forth on what "theme" to have or if I was going to have one at all since he won't really remember. It was truly a last minute decision to have it at my parents house. I thought well I have accumulated quite a bit of space themed items for Harry why don't I have a NASA theme. I ordered a lot of party items from Amazon and picked up the rest from local party stores. The moon cake and NASA cookies really turned out so great adding so much to the party, they were a hit. Not to mention Harry certainly enjoyed his cake, which you can see him covered in in the pictures below. 

It was a lot of work and I definitely couldn't have pulled it off without the help of my family and in-laws. Because of all the hard work the party was a huge success and I can proudly add another great party under my belt (see more under the entertaining tab). We look forward to next year's birthday and doing it all over again since we love him all the way to the moon and back, the brightest star in our life!!!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Traveling To The UK - A Look Back In 2007

I thought I would share my first real travel experience something I had always dreamed of doing. I have been so lucky these last ten years with my travels and have had the pleasure of seeing several countries, where I have shared some on my travel tab. I graduated college in May 2007, started working a week later, and in November of the same year I booked my first overseas trip. I booked the trip through Globus, the same company I used for my Greece trip I shared on the blog awhile back, which you can read here