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My name is Ashley Ryan and this is my blog where I want to share all lovely things relating to decor, lifestyle, traveling, and much more. I was born and raised in Texas and love living in the south. I graduated with an engineering degree from Texas A&M University, class of 2007. I am now working as a Professional Engineer with experiences in various fields and currently obtaining two masters...Yikes! Oh and if you can't tell from the blog I constantly love decorating and entertaining. Our newest home #the1920sheightsbungalow is probably our biggest undertaking to date and my favorite space so stay tuned for updates. Our older homes definitely show my evolution with design and decorating and you can check out photos of each following the links: the fixer upper - the bachelor pad, second home - prince, and first home - the loft. See more pictures on my Instagram account and hashtag #ashleyryanathome

From the beginning of blogging I was a single girl looking for a creative outlet. Since then I have gotten married and we had our first child born in January 2017, see baby related post here. With these changes have come new information I share on the blog, but a heavy focus still on house related content. 

My husband and I are always thinking of places to go and see. We have so many amazing travel memories and I can't wait to share them with y'all and the many more to come, see all of our travel post here or follow along on my Instagram account and hashtag  #ashleyryantravels


Eating is one of my favorite things to do. I have definitely expanded my eating comforts as I travel more and more. Like eating this alligator corn dog in New Orleans. See more pictures on my Instagram account and hashtag #ashleyryaneats.

Music is also a big passion of ours, especially live music. We are constantly supporting local artist and attend a few music festivals each year. We can easily spend hours at a time at local record stores. It is very rare that we are not listening to music whether we are at our jobs or just relaxing at home. #ashleyryanrocks

I hope y'all enjoy these little moments I share with you on "Our House is Y'alls House" thanks for stopping by and have a lovely day!

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