Wednesday, February 22, 2017

House Life According to My Iphone

Sorry guys that I have been m.i.a. lately I have a lot to catch y'all up on, like I had a baby and almost a month early. I will post the birth story later and I have a few additional baby post to follow that, but in the mean time I thought I would share some photos of my home life according to my iphone. 

Ha and these photos are not an exact representation of what my home looks like day to day, especially with a newborn, well almost two months now. The house is not perfect, but I do work hard on keeping it as tidy and neat as I can since it makes me feel like I have something I can control on a day to day basis. This being my first child I do feel like I am on a learning curve and everyday I am learning something new and things constantly change so he likes to keep me on my toes.  Hope y'all enjoy the rest of the week!

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A Little Christmas Decor Around The House

This year for the Christmas holidays I was late putting up the decor because I didn't want any Christmas decorations clashing with the baby shower held at our house at the beginning of the month. Therefore, I didn't go all out like I usually do plus I didn't want to over extend myself being well into my third trimester with baby Harrison.  That being said I decided to combine some of the baby shower decor, like the flower arrangements, into this year's Christmas decoration. This was easy to do since I stayed with the same color scheme as last year with the golds and whites. Overall I am so happy with the outcome, but my favorite additions this year definitely has to be the custom wood name plates I got made for the two newest stockings, one for Winston (our pup) and one for Harrison (our son-to-be). Hope y'all enjoy 2016 Christmas tour!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

My Baby Shower Hosted At Our House

On Sunday my mother and mother-n-law hosted a baby shower for yours truly at my house for family and close friends. The weather wasn't pretty (cold and wet), but we knew in advanced so we were prepared and setup the party all inside. It ended up working out perfectly, but obviously it wasn't the outside bohemian feel I was going for like the inspirations photos in the previous post. I stuck with a lot of pink, creams, and whites to give the shower an airy feel. I also got to pull out and use a lot of decor that I bought for our wedding and use dining/entertaining pieces I have collected over the years. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

As you can tell from the blog I love to entertain as often as I can. So when we first found out we were pregnant being involved with a baby shower was one of the things I was looking forward to. I know this is something you aren't supposed to be too involved with if you are the one pregnant, but I wanted to have at least one of my showers at our house with close loved ones to show off the nursery and really have any excuse to get people together to eat and pull out a lot of my decor and dining items (ha so I can justify to Amos why I need to have so much). 

I created a baby shower Pinterest board right away and I definitely wanted to stick with the bohemian/eclectic theme that I somewhat did for the nursery. Both of which haven't been too gender specific. Even though we know we are having a boy I didn't want to feel to tied down to your stereotypically boy colors or themes. If I have pinks at the baby shower and a softer feel, I think that is okay and if I didn't add a lot of blues to the nursery I felt that was okay as well. I want something honestly that represents our styles and can grow with us and our baby. 

So enough of this chit chat and here are some of the inspiration photos I absolutely love for a baby shower to be hosted at our house. Oh and if you missed the photos from the beautiful baby shower hosted by one of my friend's you can see them here


Friday, November 25, 2016

Our Honeymoon: Mediterranean Cruise - Days 13, 14, & 15 In Barcelona

Alright y'all here is the last post and stop of our honeymoon travels, which ended in our favorite city on the tour Barcelona, Spain. The hotel we stayed in was so posh and as soon as Amos and I checked in we were given champagne and I honestly felt like a celebrity...oh how the other half lives. I kept telling Amos we should move here, their attention to detail from the buildings and furniture all the way to the light fixtures blew me away. Every corner and turn had me literally gasping. 

Sunday, November 20, 2016

A Baby Shower Hosted By My Dear Friend Laney!

When one of my closest and dearest friends found out we were expecting she immediately expressed her overwhelming joy for us and said right away she wanted to throw Amos and I a baby shower. I of course was so touched that she wanted to do this and said yes right away. As the date got closer she has some stress and of course wanted everything to be perfect and she certainly did not disappoint the day of the shower. She stuck with the bohemian theme I am so in love with and even down to the smallest details everything was perfect. There were lot of laughs, games, and of course drinks (except for mommy-to-be). It will definitely go down in the books and I couldn't have asked for more. Just being surrounded by friends and all the outpour of love was so wonderful. So the biggest hugs and kisses go out to all the ladies from Amos, me, and baby Harrison. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for y'alls time and love during this special time for us. 

Monday, November 14, 2016

Magnolia Store in Waco Texas

This past weekend was filled with a family baby shower for my cousin and a small trip my mother and I took up to Waco, Texas to see the Magnolia storefront that has become ever so popular from the the television show Fixer Upper

I started to follow Joanna Gaines blog before she had her amazing show and was sharing with her readers the process of her own fixer upper at Magnolia farms. Her attention to detail and lighter color schemes pretty much made me a fan of her style right away. So it was such an honor to finally get to see her store in person and all the amazing progress she has made the last few years. 

It is always extremely flattering when people compare my style with Joanna's and mention how similar they two are. When my mother and I entered her store it definitely did not disappointment and I was surprised how much of a likeness there were between the items she was selling and my very own house decor. I couldn't leave though without a few purchased items, I had my eye on this carved wooden pedestal from her online shop for a while now, so I left with one of those. I also got this vintage barn painting. If you can't make the trip all the way out to Waco to see her store in person I would recommend going to her online shop where you can purchase the majority of the items that she sells in her shop. 

Enjoy some of the pictures from our trip at Magnolia in Waco, Texas.