Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas Time is Here

I have put up all the Christmas decor, but I have still yet to find a section of garland that I want to put on the mantel. I found this one here, but was worried it would come in too late for this Christmas holiday. I will admit I haven't search high and low and really just online. However, the picture of the original inspiration of the mantel garland has a full post on all the beautiful details of that room and can be found here. In the description of the garland she went with a fresh garland. This got the wheels turning in my head and since I have a fake tree I think it would be neat to have a real green section of garland, plus the smells would be amazing. I am going to look around this week at local garden/plant shops and see what they have and hopefully they aren't too pricey. I will have to update y'all on my finds. In the mean time I hope you enjoy the pictures.

The burlap stockings I made two years ago. 

I made the burlap wreath this year, my first one!

I hope y'all have a lovely day!

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