Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Bag Love

I absolutely have an obsession with bags. It can be clutches, purses, suitcases, or wallets I love them all. For the longest time it was just bags (messengers and backpacks) and luggage, but as I got older and more feminine the clutches and purses started to interest me more. I still though just love looking and purchasing all things bags. My friends and family think I am crazy, but I tell them everyone has there thing, whether it is shoes, art, etc we all got one....or two (I do love my books as well though, if you couldn't tell from the bookshelves in the loft). However, if there is a more pricier bag I absolutely adore I will try to wait until it goes on sale or try to apply a coupon/discount code. That is what I have done the majority of the time. So I thought today I would share some of my favorite bags that I have purchased over the years. 

The Louis Vuitton Speedy bag was my very first really expensive accessory purchase. I bought it last year after rewarding myself for all the time I spend away from home working. This is a classic and solid piece that will stay in style forever. I hope if I ever have a little girl to pass this down to her. 

The Tory Burch Robinson collection is also a classic style that goes with everything at anytime. 

Anthropologie always has something that is completely different and unique. I love going in that store and feeling like I am buying an original piece, like this bag. 

Kate Spade always makes me feel trendy. You have to love her bold choices in patterns and colors. I love my neutrals, but I felt like I mixed it up a bit with this two toned piece.

Another total splurge on LV. 

I have been a huge fossil fan for over ten years and have been a loyal customer. My first real bag purchase was an all leather messenger bag in college part of the Jackson collection (which they no longer make :( ) These are also pieces that last forever and will never really go out of style. 

I loved this clutch because it was my first accessory I was able to customize and add my initials. 

Another great Anthropologie find. I used it this past weekend at a wedding and got complements. :)

 I found this gorgeous Coach suitcase at one of the Coach outlet stores with an additional coupon on top of the already clearance priced. It was too good of a deal to pass up. 

And last but not least I was lusting over this piece of Kate Spade luggage for what seemed like forever. This suitcase has the old school look, but is functional by having wheels. I brought this with me on my trip to Chicago in 2013 and had a lot of stares at the airport. Plus it is a great decor piece at my place. So it was a win win for me. 

What are some of y'all's favorite bags? 

Hope y'all have a lovely day!

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