Friday, January 17, 2014

Sneak Peak...New Couch

Okay y'all, I know I have a serious problem (and I get it from my mother), but I have bought another couch. This will be the third couch in four years making it almost one couch per year, Yikes! Well the first one was rather expensive (see here), but so comfortable. However, it was just way to big for the space I have, plus I wanted something lighter. It is currently being stored away at my brother's house. The second couch, which can be seen here, I bought online at Joss & Main when I was offshore with the matching chairs. I was very nervous because it was the very first time I have ever purchased furniture without sitting on it and looking at it in person, plus I had some uneasiness that because it was such a good deal it was going to be miniature furniture. Well when I got home and saw the pieces I loved them all and they were  very nice. However, the couch in my opinion is not meant to be used everyday and lounge around in. It is a piece that is meant to go in a formal sitting area, which I think would look amazing in once I get a house with one. So I was in Marshall's yesterday and stumbled upon this beautiful couch and it has the tuffed look that I absolutely adore. It was a nice neutral color and most importantly sturdy without compromising the comfort. I had seen a similar piece, but in a different color last year and passed up the chance to snatch it up and this deal was even better then the last one so I couldn't resist. I bought it and put the other one in storage for the mean time until we get a house. Here is a sneak peek of the couch that I got and I will post pictures next week on how it looks in the loft. Enjoy!

Hope y'all have a lovely day!

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