Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him

I'm not going to lie, I struggle thinking of ideas to get Amos for Valentine's Day. I tried to make it unique and thoughtful, but there are always the go to stores like Fossil and J.Crew that make it a little bit easier. Here are some ideas...

The first item on the list is from The Mantry Company. This is a site that mails out a crate full of goodies that are themed and really directed towards male, but females can enjoy it too. For example, I got Amos one for Christmas this past year and everything in the crate was related to bacon: actual bacon, bacon flavored mayonnaise, all things bacon, it even came with a picture of Kevin Bacon. Here is a link to other past boxes. The other great thing is you can also do a monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription. 
The next three items are from Fossil. You can never go wrong with a bag or watch from fossil, the quality is there and the price is so reasonable. Next, I love how Fossil is really making a statement lately with their clothing. There are more stores opening up in the area that are carrying the clothing and I think it is fantastic. The last item is from Fossil Finds, a new shopping category that has been added in the last few years to their website. This is where they find vintage and unique pieces and sale them. These items tend to go very quickly and they are all great finds. 

Last, but not least there is J. Crew. Amos loves this store and has been shopping there for years, so I know I can never go wrong buying something from there. The two items I saw that were really neat were a shaving kit and a subscription to Man of the World Magazine

I hope this gave y'all some good ideas, y'all have a lovely day!

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