Monday, March 31, 2014

We Moved!!! Our Prince House!

Sorry y'all for being absent the last two weeks, but we were closing on the loft and moving into our new house so we had a lot on our plate. We had a few hiccups, but overall the house buying and selling processes went relatively smooth. I'm not going to lie, the last week before closing on the new house, I was pretty stressed out. So without further delay here are the pictures of our new house.

Some background notes, the house was originally built in the 1950s, but an addition was added on, which included a huge master suite, our dining/entertaining area, and living room (easily an additional 1500 square feet). It has three bedroom and two bathrooms. There has been some debate about whether the house is 2600 square feet or closer to 2800/2900 square feet; either way it is over double the space of the loft so this means more decorating space for me!!

Here is the perfect wall to have all of my books and built-in bookshelves. Here is something what I want, but in a white/cream color, here
View as soon as you enter the front door. Formal living room.


I plan on getting rid of the peninsula and redoing the counter tops and back-splash to look something more like this, here.

This is are huge dining/entertaining area right off of the kitchen. I have already got this gorgeous table here, from Restoration Hardware on sale. It looks great! I also want to add a buffet table, something like this, here. This is also part of the add on, there is tons of light. 

Dining/Entertaining Area off of the Kitchen
This is also part of the add on and love how open all the space is and the beautiful natural light. 

Main living room area

Most people when they see this think it is a second kitchen, well it is a utility room, a very large utility room. This room is one of the greatest assets to the house. I plan to use half of it as a craft room and the other half for storage and cleaning supplies. Amos also now has his very own beer/wine fridge. 

Utility Room/Craft Room

Guest Bathroom
Guest Bathroom
The master suite is very large and has access to the outside porch. We plan on removing the tile and adding the same wood that is throughout the house

Master Suite

I plan on redoing this whole bathroom a few years down the line, but for a temporary solution is looking at Ikea and something like this here

Master Bathroom

Walk in Closet (1 of 2 in the Master Bathroom)
Office/Guest Room

2nd Guest Bedroom


Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to unpack and design these spaces!!
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