Tuesday, July 8, 2014

San Francisco - Day 2 Alcatraz

On our second day we went to Alcatraz. We booked the trip a week before, which I recommended because they sell out fast. It was a crazy experience. I'm not going to lie when I first got on the rock I was like this isn't so bad, lovely views, I can move around, but then I went inside and it was a totally different feel. The cells were very small and blank.

It is amazing how much history and famous criminals have walked those halls during the time Alcatraz was up and running. After walking around a bit I slowly started to get colder and colder and it was during the middle of the day in summer; I can't image what the winters felt like for the prisoners. The wind blows steadily and being surrounded by water just adds to the chill. So you can image how any attempts of escape were nearly impossible to survive. 

As we concluded our tour we were fortunate to meet and buy a book written and signed by a prisoner who served time at Alcatraz. All in  all I learned a lot and was glad we went during our short stay in San Francisco. Here are some pictures of our tour. 

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