Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Decisions Decisions...

As I have most of the items checked off the list for the front guest room: painted walls (and later ceiling), furniture, and new bedding...all check! Now is the fun part adding the decorative accents like art and lights. However, as much as this is the fun part it can also be overwhelming as well. There are sooo many pieces of art to choose from and I can get torn into what direction I want to go with. So I have been letting the room sit the way it is and get used to the layout and new colors and keeping my eye out on those few new pieces of art that will turn the room into a WOW room. 

Like I have mentioned before I got the headboard and side tables from Biscuit here in Houston when they had a big sale. The bedding I also ordered from Biscuit when they had their anniversary sale. 

Recently the owner of Biscuit, Bailey, posted on her blog about her calibration with the cotton makers around the US and her support in local businesses. There is a video she did, here, with cotton and in the video you can see snapshots of the bed frame and side tables I got. Here are also some sneak peaks of the bedding on the bed. 

Here are also some ideas of art I have found on One King's Lane that I am digging for the room. What do y'all think? 
Isabelle de Borchgrave, Peacock

Flamingo I

Flamingo II

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