Wednesday, September 9, 2015

New Year's Getaway - Charleston:Boone's Hall Plantation

I have always dreamed of houses since I was a little girl. I would take magazine clippings and keep them in a box, the days before there was pinterest, and daydream of what my house would look like one day. Well a southern plantation was the ultimate house design I wanted to have. Oh and you can't have the southern plantation without the driveway lined with aged oak trees! 

Well I got to live my childhood dream, even if it were for a few hours, and tour this beautiful plantation during our trip in Charleston at Boone's Hall Plantation. You may recognize this plantation because it has been in a few movies, like the Notebook. It is currently owned by a brother and sister and is still a working plantation, which I thought was pretty cool. Well like always enough of this chit chat and let me show y'all some pictures of this breath taking place. 


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