Thursday, May 12, 2016

Our Wedding - The Reception: Our First Dance & Mother/Father Dances

It was no surprise that I was all giggles and smiles when Amos and I did our first dance together on our wedding day. Amos and I danced to Band of Horses "No One's Gonna Love You," you can see the music video/song here. We loved this song! Amos put this song on one of my first mix cd's he made for me and we then saw them in concert shortly after that. It is a really specially song to us. 

I dance with my father to "Beautiful Boy (song altered to Girl for me)" by John Lennon. My dad is a huge Beatles fan and even more so of John Lennon so this song was perfect for us. 

Amos and his mother dance to "No Basta" by Franco de Vita . This was a song that they listened to together when Amos was younger and it was pretty special watching them dance together. 


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