Monday, September 12, 2016

Maternity Style

Now that I am full swing into my second trimester majority of my "pre-pregnancy" clothes no longer fit or fit uncomfortably. Since this is my first pregnancy I was initially at a lost where to even begin when it came to shopping for maternity clothing. Of course my first go to source was Pinterest, which led me to other blog sites or shopping sites with items of pregnancy clothing. Over time and recommendations from friends and family I now feel like I have a grasp on some of the items that are working for me, especially dresses and bottoms. I am still in need of good sources/shops for tops and undergarments, but I have made some progress and will continue to do more research and take any and all advice. 

In this post I will do a brief breakdown of what has been working for me and what items I have purchases so far. I am a curvier girl and will only expect to get more curves as this baby continues to grow so I have to keep a more realistic view on what items could and will work for me versus what just looks pretty on a model. Me and baby being comfortable are my number one priority. Of course there is always room to daydream of the perfect pregnancy style like Blake Lively was able to pull off so flawlessly in her first pregnancy. 


A good friend of mine sent me a pin to a website called Pink Blush. Their dresses were so cute and the best part looked as though they can be worn at all times of your pregnancy and even post-pregnancy. This is a huge bonus in my book since I really have no desire on buying different size clothes for each phase of my pregnancy...that seems to be impractical and would get expensive rather quickly. 

This dress I bought in mind to use for one of my baby showers. I tried it on when it came in and it was comfortable and the print is beautiful. I love the longer sleeves and how it was fitted in all the right places.

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This dress I have practically lived in since I got it. I loved it so much I later order it in a grey color, see here. I might even order the navy since fall is approaching. This is dress I give five stars and is sooooo comfortable. Also I occasionally throw a cardigan over it to add a more layered look. 

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The print on this dress stuck out to me and is cute. I have worn this dress a few times to work with a sweater/cardigan and is a nice transition from work to hanging out. 

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I have not recieved this dress yet in the mail, but I am dying to see how it fits and feels. If it is anything like the ones above I know I won't be disappointed. With a few friends weddings coming up I thought this maroon color (I also ordered it the navy color, see here) would be a great choice and I can add some pretty accent jewelry and wear my hair down and wavy like the model. 

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Tops & Cardigans: 

I haven't really gone crazy purchasing tops and cardigans, especially not cardigans. The nice thing about most of the cardigans I own are that they already large and comfy so I haven't "out grown" them and I don't foresee growing out of them during my pregnancy. The second half of my pregnancy will be spent in the fall and winter so I will definitely be using a lot of my cardigans. I recently purchased this one on sale from Anthropologie. 


Tops seem to be a bit tricker for me, most of my tops still fit, but I know as I get further along in my pregnancy this will not be the case. I got a few basic tees in the maternity section at Target and a couple of tops on sale from Pink Blush, the same website as the dresses I got from above. So far they have been comfortable and go well with jeans. However, I am still doing searches and am up for any advice mothers or future mothers. :)  

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I did some research on bottoms and was amazed at the price range on maternity leggings and jeans. I am not the girl who spends a 100 dollars on a pair of jeans, I went through a very small phase years ago when I did do this, but that ended as quickly as it began. So I was surprised when most of the website that were linked to Pinterest led me to expensive bottoms. Luckily when I was doing one of my monthly Target shopping trips I decided to go into the maternity section and try on their jeans. Not only were they extremely comfortable, but they ranged in price of only 20-30 dollars. I even got a cute distressed pair of jeans, see below. The leggings fit a bit awkwardly, but I think that is because I am not all belly yet. Like the jeans though they were very reasonably priced ranging from 10-25 dollars. 

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Alright ladies this is where I need y'alls advice and recommendations the most. I have a couple of comfy bras, but they don't offer the maximum amount of support that I typically like and I don't know how they will hold up the further along I get in my pregnancy. The other issue I worry about other than support is coverage. The bras I have been living in are ones like this one below from Victoria Secret. They are very soft and comfortable, but we shall see how they hold up. 


Let me know y'alls thoughts on my list ladies and of course any recommendations. Y'all can follow along on my maternity purchases here and my maternity style envy's here
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  1. Do you have a link for that anthro cardigan? I love it!

    We aren't on the baby track yet, but these dress ideas are fantastic! My sister-in-law told me that has really great wrap dresses which are perfect for pregnancy. Take a look. :)

    1. It looks like it is no longer available :(

      Thanks for the recommendation and your input!!!! :) I will definitely check it out!