Monday, November 14, 2016

Magnolia Store in Waco Texas

This past weekend was filled with a family baby shower for my cousin and a small trip my mother and I took up to Waco, Texas to see the Magnolia storefront that has become ever so popular from the the television show Fixer Upper

I started to follow Joanna Gaines blog before she had her amazing show and was sharing with her readers the process of her own fixer upper at Magnolia farms. Her attention to detail and lighter color schemes pretty much made me a fan of her style right away. So it was such an honor to finally get to see her store in person and all the amazing progress she has made the last few years. 

It is always extremely flattering when people compare my style with Joanna's and mention how similar they two are. When my mother and I entered her store it definitely did not disappointment and I was surprised how much of a likeness there were between the items she was selling and my very own house decor. I couldn't leave though without a few purchased items, I had my eye on this carved wooden pedestal from her online shop for a while now, so I left with one of those. I also got this vintage barn painting. If you can't make the trip all the way out to Waco to see her store in person I would recommend going to her online shop where you can purchase the majority of the items that she sells in her shop. 

Enjoy some of the pictures from our trip at Magnolia in Waco, Texas. 

Goodies from my trip. 

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