Monday, June 12, 2017

Lots of Big Updates!!!!

So lots of things to catch y'all up on. Right after I gave birth in the beginning of the year I started to study for a pretty tough eight hour exam that engineers can take, that is available twice a year (April and October), to become a professional engineer. Well I took the exam in April and got my results in the end of May and I passed!!!!!! So yessssss this girl has her PE in Mechanical Engineering Thermal and Fluids!!!!! Well on top of studying and raising a new born we decided to list our house in March, which at that time made it exactly three years we were in our home. So you see why I have been so absent on the blog this year a lot has been going on, but let me continue about the listing and sale of our Prince house. 

There was a lot of discussion about whether to stay or move, but ultimately we decided to list our home for a few of the following reasons. One we knew this wasn't going to be our forever home, and with a baby on board we have to keep in mind schools and ideal neighborhood situations. We love living close to everything, but unfortunately unless your kid is in private school the schools in most area's in the city aren't the best. Two we wanted to be in a situation to where we can move forward to as close to our dream home as we can get. In my ideal scenario that is building a new home or gutting out an old home and designing it from scratch, if we can do that and also remain in the city around a good school. 

Our house was listed for about a month before it was under a contract, which seemed like forever since the loft was listed for only four days before it was under contract!!! But like the loft we made a very large profit, especially for the short time we where there. Because of the "luck" or I like to think smart investment properties we have bought in the past brought up the discussion if we should do this on the side and "flip" houses and continue to make profits. However, as quickly as that thought went in our head it left, because not all properties make profits and you have to be in a situation to take a lose here and there and well we aren't in that position, especially with a little one. Plus all the work that goes into flipping houses. 

So I'm sure it brings up the question where are y'all living now. Well as of last week we are living right down the road from our old house, literally walking distance in one of Amos's rentals. It is older and smaller, but I love a new challenge and how I can make a place feel pretty and like a home so expect some cool before and afters. Also I am going for a more masculine and modern feel for the most part since only guys have ever lived here. So I will affectionally call this place "The Bachelor Pad" or short "The Pad" and I even have an instagram hashtag "thebachelorpadfixerupper  so keep an eye for those post on my instagram. We also get to stay in one of the area's we love most in this city so we are pretty pumped about that as well. 

Hopefully this puts us now in a situation for the time being to take a breather and then eventually start a plan on where and what our "dream" home will be. Plus Amos got his real-estate license at the end of last year as a side gig so hopefully this means we have an in on some pretty cool potential properties in our near future. 

Sorry for all the chit chat, but I had a lot to catch y'all up on and I thought I would share the photos of the Prince house from the listing online (see all the older post and photos of the Prince house, here).

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