Saturday, December 29, 2018

A Look Back On 2018

Well as this year is coming to a close I like to do what most do and reflect on all that has happened and the things I look forward to in the next year. If you follow along you know that 2017 had it's ups and downs with the birth of our first child and the low with our home flooding in Harvey. Good news though we were able to finally move back into our home and have loved all the changes we have made to the #bachelorpadfixerupper and having back our own space again. So this already gave 2018 a better outlook. 

Another item that has been on my list/goals on a personal and professional level was to finally to start the process on obtaining my masters. I was in a position with my new employer (already a year with them and I can't believe it) and the flexibility that came with it to apply and finally begin this next chapter that I have wanted to do for over five years. Remember I worked in oil and gas for ten years and traveled quite a bit and for extended periods of time so I had no opportunity with my schedule to do it. 

I applied to the University of Houston in the summer/fall to their dual master's program: Master's in Industrial Engineering (MIE) and the Professional Master's in Business Administration (PMBA) and got accepted into both. I started this fall with nine hours of MIE courses and did very well. Although working full time and taking a full course load was very difficult while finding balance with raising a toddler and other responsibilities so I don't know if I will take nine hours again.