Wednesday, September 13, 2017

A Walk To The Park

Living in Houston has been amazing these last ten years, but of those of you who follow the news know the devastating events that have happened during Hurricane Harvey. We were affect by the storm, roughly five feet in "#thebachelorpadfixerupper" (the hashtag I've been using on Instagram for our current home), but we were actually very lucky because we did evacuate before water entered and have family to stay with in the area. Because this was a "temp" home and a two story most of our things were in storage or on the upper floor so we didn't lose much. So many people were affected by this storm and lost everything and it is truly heartbreaking. Now people are just trying to fix what they have and on top of the physical demands people are now having to cope with the mental challenges of their losses. It has however, been amazing seeing so many people come together and help each other out. 

I don't know what is going to happen as far as our home situation, but like I mentioned we are very lucky we have family here. We are currently staying with my parents, who the past four years have lived in East Downtown Houston. To take my mind off things and try to keep it light around the baby, who is now 8 months old, where does the time go, I decided to walk to a park downtown called Discovery Green. I used to go to this park all the time when I lived downtown in my first home (the loft) and briefly talked about it in an old post, here. It was such a fun few hours and lovely to just be outside and take my mind off of things. Hope everyone has a fun and safe rest of the week. 

Harry looking very serious. 

Harrison doesn't seem amused by the water feature. :) 

My happy boy after the walk :) 

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