Friday, November 1, 2013

Mantel Love

When I first purchased my place I started going into design mode and what pieces I wanted and where. I knew I either wanted an armoire, a chunky cabinet piece, or a mantel to place the tv in/over in the living room. I was going a little crazy with what piece to get until my mom sent me a link for a mantel at a major department store (which I can't remember which one) for around 200 dollars. I loved the detail in it and thought it would be perfect.

Here is a picture of what the mantel looked like when I first purchased it around the fall holiday. The mantel is a tan brown color. I had a lot of different browns and tans pieces going on in the living room back then that clashed and as you will see a lot has changed over the years with the living room color and decor. 

So about two years ago I need a brighter fresher look and I was tired of the orange-tan like colors going on. Below you can see what a drastic change just paint can do. I love how it turned out and thought to myself why didn't I do this sooner. Ha, but I guess as we grow our style changes with us. 

I love coming into the living room now and how calming and inviting it feels everyday. 

I hope y'all have a lovely weekend!!!


  1. I love that you painted the mantel white, it looks so much better than the tan color!