Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tea Love

I am a huge tea lover and drink tea every day, whether it is hot or cold. During my travels to Australia I have found one of the coolest tea shops ever! I literally spent over an hour in the store and would pop in over the course of my stay in Perth. The store is called T2 and they are located all over Australia.  They have everything from an huge assortment of teas to any tea hardware you could think of. I have purchased quite a few teas and a few tea kits. So even if you never get a chance to visit Australia you can browse online and see all the beautiful things they have to offer. They also have great recipes online. I love chai tea for the holidays and they have really good recipes. They even give you tips on the best practices for using their hardware. I believe they have something for everyone from super modern pieces to the very elegant and classic pieces. So enjoy some pictures from the T2 website of just a few of their products. 

I bought these cups the first trip I made, they were so beautiful I couldn't resist. 

This kit was too good to pass up, another great find I had to purchase

For all the ice tea drinkers this is a great piece, and there are a ton of recipes online

Hope y'all have a lovely day!

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