Friday, January 31, 2014

Valentine Day Gift Ideas for Her - Part 1

I am not big on receiving gifts for Valentine's Day, but I just happened to stumble on some really cute affordable gift ideas that even I wouldn't mind receiving. If none of these appeal to y'all, well then you can never go wrong with flowers, and we all know I love my flowers as seen on this post. All of the items and pictures are from Indigo and Kiel James Patrick.

This was probably one of my favorite ideas I stumbled upon on the Indigo website. Where you frame a personal note, song, book cover, music, or post card that means something between both of you. 

These pouches are just too cute, from Indigo!

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What about these adorable bracelets from Kiel James Patrick... 

Hope these ideas helped, y'all have a lovely day!!
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