Friday, January 24, 2014

Wedding Planning Update - Date Set!

We have put down the deposits for the venue and church and have our date!! I am so excited and feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. I also feel like two thirds of my wedding is planned already, which is so nice even though we have time to plan and save up. I have a feeling though that the time is going to fly by. 
First let me share some details about the church. It is located in the museum district close to downtown Houston. I attended a wedding there at the beginning of the year and it literally took my breathe away how beautiful the church was. I feel like I am getting almost a European experience with the amount of detail that is in the church, especially in the ceiling. Here are some pictures I thought I would share, I also posted some on my instagram account. 

Now let me write about where the party happens, the reception. When we started to look around online at pricing and the venues all what was included we were struck by how expensive it got very quickly. At the end we decided on the Crystal Ballroom in the Rice Hotel located in downtown Houston. We felt this venue offered the beautiful details we wanted and the best all inclusive price. After talking to previous brides, they recommended going with a venue where everything is included like tables, linens, dishes, etc. Depending on how organized you are I, I am sure you can find a venue without these things and bargain with vendors for those specific items, but I personally did not want to deal with the hassle of all the different vendors at once, especially on my wedding day. Also I have heard if you do go with a venue where most of the reception items are not included, the price can go up considerable because you don't take into account all the little details, like a dance floor, sound systems, lighting, etc. The other major factor I loved with this venue is that the catering is included by the restaurant downstairs, and the food is divine. At first Amos was hesitant because he didn't like being excluded to just one catering company, but in the end he loved the idea. We also rented out a small room next to the Crystal Ballroom called the Empire Room. This will be the area where we have the after party with our few closet friends and family. Now here are some pictures of the Crystal Ballroom and the Empire Room. 

Outside the Rice Hotel, Crystal Ballroom on second floor with wrap around balcony

The Lobby

The inside of the Crystal Ballroom, looking from the stage out
Inside Crystal Ballroom

Side dressing room or hangouts spot for your bridesmaids
Empire Room
Hope y'all enjoyed the pictures, have a lovely day!
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