Friday, February 21, 2014

Daryl & Laney's Kitchen Renovation

One of my longest and dearest friend's just renovated her kitchen in her home. Her husband and her bought a place together a few years together right after they got married.  Here are a few snapshots of them on their wedding day...they look gorgeous together. 

But sorry I digressed a bit, back to the renovations they did to their kitchen. They have a spacious kitchen with a separate island and a counter extension that raised from counter to bar height. The colors were essentially all natural wood and the counter tops were a blueish-grey color. 

Daryl (Laney's Husband) - Hard at Work on the Demolition

The transformation is incredible. They painted the cabinets all white and put gorgeous silver handles that make the cabinets stand out beautifully. They removed the bar extension and made that area of the kitchen all counter height, which I think really opens up the space, and is a better transition between the living room and the kitchen. The counter tops were upgraded to all granite, which I love how the white cabinets pick up the white specs in the granite. They also added a great backsplash that I think brings all the colors from the floor tiles to the granite and white cabinents together. On top of the transformation being incredible, I think it is still a huge fete to know they did all of this themselves. 

I hope y'all have a lovely day!

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