Friday, October 10, 2014

Our Engagement/Housewarming Party - The Good Eats!

Before I get into all the details of the amazing food we had for the party none of it could have been possible without the labor and love from Amos's cousin Danny who catered the event and also owns a restaurant in Rosenberg,Texas called "The Ol' Railroad Cafe." His wife, Beth, and team went above and beyond and we couldn't have been more pleased with how everything tasted and looked, the food was a huge hit!

When Amos and I were first thinking of ideas about food for the event the first thought went to what is one of the more affordable food to feed close to 100 people. Foods like BBQ, fajitas, burgers, etc. were thrown out there, but after talking with Danny he recommended getting a pig for the main dish. I loved this idea because it's not something you see a lot and since we also have other engaged family members we knew we wanted to spice things up and keep a variety so our family and friends wouldn't get tired of the same food groups. In the event there wasn't a lot of pork eaters Danny also recommended getting some beef that could be sliced and served, both pieces of meat ended up being pretty reasonable for the size and quality. For the sides Danny whipped up Hawaiian rice, grilled vegetables, and amazing sauces to go on everything. Yum!

For appetizers we kept it simple and I got an assortment of sliced cheeses and meats, olives, and nuts. All of which I bought in bulk at Costco and arranged beautiful, with my mother, on my extensive collection of wood cutting boards. It was a huge focal point in the center of the room, plus it allowed everyone to circle the table and nibble throughout the evening.

The desserts were mostly store bought like the bite sized brownies and cookies. However, my mother and I made the day before, homemade banana pudding, which was pretty much all gone by the end of the night. To go into the push pops we did one batch of Oreo mix with chocolate whip cream in between and the other batch a simple cheesecake mix with whip cream. All of which were eaten so I have to make those more often. (I actually didn't get a chance to photography this properly so this is a photo snapped with a phone by a guest)

Photo Taken by Evan Zimmerman

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