Monday, October 13, 2014

Our Engagement/Housewarming Party - Round Up!

I talked about setting up for the party, here and here, and I talked about the amazing food, here, now I thought I would just finish up these series of post with some of the final pictures of what it all looked like. 

Once again Amos and I are so blessed with the family and friends we have in our lives and loved every moment we had at the party. When you are surrounded by so much love and friendships it makes all of the hard work and preparation worth it and it gets you wishing you had get together's like this more often. Now I can't wait for the bigger party...the wedding!

Photo taken by Dolores Ramirez

Photo Taken By Evan Zimmerman

Photo taken by Amos Pardo
Photo taken by Amos Pardo
Photo Taken by Dolores Ramirez

Fold up tables (rectangle and round (5)) - Walmart
Table Clothes - Parent's had bought in bulk years ago
Bar Height Tables (4) - Borrowed from Ol' Railroad Cafe
Fold up Chairs - Rented from Atzec
Flowers - Local Flower Shop
White Pitchers - Marshall's Homegoods
Cutting Boards - Marshall's Homegoods
Napkin and Candle Holders - Ikea

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