Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A New Blog Subject - Books!

Hey y'all! I had a really cool thing happen recently that I just had to share. As most of you have gathered based off of our massive book collection, you can see photos here, I loveeeeee reading. So when I got home after a nice weekend in Austin there in the mail was a book that was a prelease from one of my favorite authors, Sarah Addison Allen.  I don't really know how this happened except that I follow her on Goodreads and I have read all of her books and just absolutely love all of them. If you are a avid reader or want to read more then I suggest this website. It is a great way to find recommendations based off your taste, it is like what Netflix is for movies, Goodreads is for books. You can even follow your favorite authors and friends and see what they are reading and suggest. 

As I am about to start this book I thought why not share my thoughts on the book after I read it on the blog. Reading is a huge hobby and passion of mine so why not incorporate it in the blog that is supposed to be a representation of me and of the simple pleasures in life. So my next goal is to try and share a book a month with y'all, with this month being "First Frost," by Sarah Addison Allen. In the mean time if y'all want a suggestion I would pick up one of Sarah Addison Allen's novels, "Garden Spells" and "The Peach Keeper" are my favorite; however I love "The Sugar Queen" as well. Her last novel was "Lost Lake", you really can't go wrong with any of them though. 

Note: All of these opinions are my own and are not sponsored in any way. Thanks!
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