Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Curtains With A Little Added Detail...A D.I.Y If You Will

So guys I know I have been really bad about taking pictures 1. with my actual camera and 2. sequencing out the progress of each room in the different stages, but I thought I would share a little D.I.Y. I did with curtains for our front guest bedroom. Hopefully I will improve the frequencies and quality of my pictures in the mean time.

 Our front guest room originally looked like this (you can see more here

It felt a little "country" and dated with old pieces Amos and I each had in storage, but luckily a few months after being in the house I was out shopping one day and stumbled upon a really cool green velvet headboard and black side tables from an annual sale at Biscuit. I got them for a steal all pieces under $1000. I just knew these would be perfect for the guest room and spice thing up. However, since this is a totally new color palette and design territory for me I have found myself struggling with the direction I want to go with in styling these pieces. 

Here was my original scheme kind of a masculine and preppy look. 

Well that didn't really go as plan and I ended up going with a white bed spread with black trim, also from Biscuit and got a few art pieces here and there. It took on a more modern look and here are a few looks the room has gone through the last few months.  

I have added some color here and there, especially with the Marfa print standard pillows, and then I thought this rooms needs some curtains and what better color scheme then that to match the bedding. Here were some of my inspiration photos. 




Well when I looked into purchasing these type of curtains they are NOT CHEAP. I pride myself in finding pretty good deals and well I searched high and low and just couldn't find any good deals. So I decided why not make my own. 

First off you should know I own a sowing machine, but have used it a limited number of times....like twice. That being said I just bought white curtains already made from Marshalls at $20/per two panels. (This is why I am calling this kind of a D.I.Y project.) I bought 1-1/2" double sided black ribbon from my local Walmart. I would recommend buying directly from the source, like here, because you can get longer sections of ribbon. I believe mine only came in ~3-yards, which is tedious when you have 96-inch curtains (double that per panel for the ribbon for each side plus the bottom of the panel). So if you do the math 96-inches times 2, plus ~50-inches for the bottom (depending on the width of the curtain panel), would be ~242-inches (~6.7-yards). I also picked up fabric glue and VOILA you have white curtains with black trim. You might be thinking, I believe she is missing a step or two, but nope folks you just simple start gluing the ribbon straight onto the curtain. Oh...the glue does bleed through so either have an easy to clean surface or put some cardboard or material underneath the fabric when gluing the ribbon on to the curtain. Lastly, I am pretty impatient so I probably should have first washed and then ironed the curtains, but I thought they came out looking pretty good without doing those steps and we shall see if I pay for it later. So here is what the end product looks like. 

I love how it turned out and I am so intrigued with doing other designs on curtains with ribbon for other rooms in the future. 
While the curtains help with this room... for now...I am still kind of lost of how I want to continue with this room and what direction I want to go. Because like most OCD people, especially who love to decorate like I do, know the constant thinking of design does not turn off....like ever. So to keep me on my toes even more here are some ideas I have found on pinterest that might give the front guest room exactly what it needs. 

I'm digging the stripes and floral with the green and black. 


A really elaborate wall paper behind the headboard...or maybe even a mural, like this or this.


 A more rustic vibe with browns and greens and adding some vintage pieces like deer antlers and such...


Or keep it a minimum and add pops of floral and complementary designs and colors...


Which is your favorite? Hope everyone has a great week!!!

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