Thursday, October 16, 2014

Guest Bedroom Updates - "The Magnolia Room"

I didn't have the best pictures of the guest room in the house tour, it has been updated recently, however I thought I would share a whole post of what one of our guest room looks like right now. I call it the "Magnolia Room" because there are magnolia decorating accents and the room is in the front part of the house where one of the windows look out onto a magnolia tree in our front yard and magnolia's just happens to be one of Amos's and my favorite trees. 

Last Saturday we went into the Biscuit store here in Houston because they were having a huge sale and I couldn't resist not stopping by to pop in and check it out. There staring me right in the face were these gorgeous furniture pieces that were a steal for the price and the quality. I talked with Amos about possibly updating the guest room with a few of pieces they had. He was completely for it because the guest room looked a little "country" and "dated" for our taste. It worked out great in the beginning because we didn't buy a single thing for this room when we moved in, except for a small TV, and all the pieces came from our old storage units or from the loft

 So I share with you what the room looks like now, but also a sneak peak of the pieces we got at Biscuit and the new design direction we are going, which is way more masculine, bolder, and chic. 

Here is a look at the new directions we will be going with the new pieces we got. Also we are thinking about wallpapering the wall behind the headboard, but we shall see, that would be a really bold move by us. I will keep you posted on all the updates for this room.

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