Monday, October 20, 2014

Guestroom/Study Updates - A Work In Progress

As Amos and I finish up painting our main hallway and the front guest bedroom I thought I would share what our other guestroom/office looks like at the moment. I quickly threw this room together so we would have something decent looking for the engagement party. This room is where we typically store furniture or extra stuff when we are trying to figure out a place to put it (that is when our garage or utility room is full). We also aren't planning on doing anything drastic to this room yet with the hopes of this being the nursery one day (a few more years until that happens though). So enough chit chat and on with the pictures, like I said this room was put together quickly and I would love to do more to it down the road, like remove the ugly orange lights on the ceiling fan, Yikes!

Signature photo Signiture_zps5dfab27f.jpg

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