Tuesday, February 16, 2016

How Amos and I Met & Engagement Photos...

Okay y'all, I have finally got around to really going through all of our wedding photos (which there are tons) and I plan to blow up the blog the next few weeks with photos of Amos and mine's wedding and honeymoon. However, I thought I would share first how Amos and I met, through his point of view, and then give a glance at some of our favorite engagement pictures.

Amos writes:
While our story continues, it began one sunny Saturday morning in August, twenty-twelve.  I, following a lengthy battle with my old friends Lazy, Fat and Bored, and at the invitation of a mutual friend, decided to try something fun and athletic.  I slowly drove past the sand volleyball courts at Memorial Park but didn't recognize anyone playing.  So I kept driving...  
I reached the end of the street and decided to turn around and make someone's day.  That someone was Ashley Ryan Harrison.  As I watched her glide across that volleyball court with the grace and agility of a young gazelle, the entire group marveled at how she attacked the net with the ferocity of a lion in the African jungle.  
I, inspired by the incredible display of physicality being displayed, matched her play bump, set and spike.  It was a superhuman battle of the sexes the likes which had not been seen within the inner loop of Houston, Texas since September 20, 1973.  It was a spectacle few will forget.  
Truthfully, neither of us were particularly good, but boy did we work up an appetite on that court.  A small group of those in attendance decided to go get burgers and Ashley was the lucky lady sitting to my right.  I say lucky, because my right ear is the good one.  Had she sat on my left, I wouldn't have heard a word...  
We started talking and found we had much in common.  We shared several stories about our great love of food, music and Houston over the next few moments, until everyone finished and we each went on our way.  
We met again one week later... Then again the next day... And again next day... And again the next day... And so on for weeks, months and now years.   
Ashley, to quote your favorite author, "My heart is, and always will be, yours." 
I know great right! Amos has and will always be such a wordsmith. I am so lucky I can call him husband! 

Now to the engagement photos...

Some details about our photos: We used Pink Posh photography, they did a friend of ours wedding and they did amazing work. We chose to shoot around Houston in the places that are dearest and mean the most to Amos and I, Downtown (where we used to live) and the Heights (where we now live). I have to say that "modeling" for photos is much harder then I thought. I am not a very serious person so I found myself laughing a lot and literally pulled a Ricky Bobby and I didn't know what to do with my hands. Haha... so without further adieu I share with y'all some of our engagement photos. 




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