Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Look Back At Our House Projects of 2015 And a Look Forward to 2016

Last year was a great year for Amos and I. We got married and I can truly say I had my dream wedding and honeymoon (expect posts and pictures coming soon). On top of getting married we were able to get quite a few house projects done. They weren't really planned, which this is something I hope I can do better in 2016, we shall see how that goes. I can say however, that for not planning out each project, none of the projects were really expensive, which was nice. I wouldn't necessarily call each of these projects "finished", but like I have said before a work in progress as design always is.  Here is the list of our 2015 house projects we tackled.

Hallway Update (See full post here)
    • New coat of paint
    • Added a chair rail 
    • Re-framed some of our travel pictures and hung up
    • Added a new hanging light fixture

Kitchen Update Phase 1 (See full post here)
    • New coat of paint
    • Added subway tile back-splash 
    • Removed overhang and overhead cabinets
    • Added open shelving
    • Removed drop down lights and replaced with recessed 

Front Guest Bedroom Makeover  (See full post here) (Before here)
    • New coat of paint
    • Added curtains
    • New headboard and side table
    • Hung new art

Middle Guest Bedroom / Office Makeover (Before here)
    • Put up on two of the walls "veneer" brick
    • Added curtains
    • New furniture pieces
    • Hung new art
    • Replaced ceiling fan

Other projects we did that were quite small, but added a lot to our home were:
    • Trimmed the trees and plants in our front and backyard
    • Added mulch to the flower beds
    • Hung up curtains in the dining area and master bedroom
    • Decluttered the attics
    • Bought shelving for the garage and organized
    • Organized the linen closet

Now lets look ahead into 2016 and the projects I would like to do. Some of these projects may be ambitious so they may not happen this year or not everything on the "to-do" list, but these are definitely at the top of my list. 

Kitchen Phase 2 (See more here, and full inspiration post here)
    • Make the bar height peninsula all counter height
    • Add storage in peninsula on the backside, maybe also make peninsula larger
    • Replace counter tops with a white and grey material 
    • New sink and faucet
    • New stove without the back, so flushed with the counter-top
    • Add new pendant lighting over the peninsula

Love the look of this kitchen and I would love to go for something like this.

Master Bedroom Makeover (See full inspiration post here)
    • Replace blue tile with wood floors
    • Add detailed trim on the walls
    • Add a built-in mantel/media area
    • New paint color
    • Replace ceiling fan with chandelier (Already purchased)

Dining Area Updates
    • Add detailed trim on the walls
    • New paint color
    • Add two new chandelier over the dining room table (Already purchased)
    • Sliding door to cover "exposed" doorway (See below)

Utility Room Updates
    • Paint cabinets - Thinking about a light grey color
    • Add hardware to cabinets
    • Sand and stain counter tops a darker color
    • Add subway tile to the walls
    • Update refrigerator, something like this would be cool, here

Inspiration Photo


Other projects I would like to tackle are:
    • Organize the pantry and restructure
    • Paint the two walls without brick in the middle guestroom/office white
    • Add wallpaper and different art to the front room entrance wall
    • Add new accent lightening outside to the front and backyard
    • Declutter all the bedroom closets
    • Look into quotes for 2017 for a master bathroom redo
    • Look into quotes for 2017 for a backyard update, new patio, outdoor fireplace and kitchen

Like I said this list is pretty ambitious and I don't think we will get all of these done in 2016, but I am sure going to try. And it is already hard to believe that in another month Amos and I will be in the house for two years! 

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