Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Little Easter Decor...

I don't usually decorate for Easter, but we had a chill Sunday a few weeks ago and I was pulling out some spring decor I purchased a year or so ago (The idea was that maybe I would use some of it to host a spring brunch or a spring baby shower one day). Since we organized or "garage" last year and added shelving units all the holiday decorations are so much more accessible and I thought why not mess around with the spring decor for Easter. A few hours later I came up with this little spread on the table. The only items I purchased were the green bunnies, three dollars each at Target (I hot glued fake flowers to them because well I love flowers), and the lavender spheres at World Market. Now I can't wait to dye some eggs, I'm thinking something like this, to go with the blue couch in the front living room. Happy Easter Y'all!

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