Monday, March 28, 2016

Our Wedding Day...The Ceremony

Amos and I chose to get married at St. Paul's Methodist Church, which is in the museum/medical district in downtown Houston. A friend of ours got married there and it honestly was love at first sight. I did not know churches existed like this in Texas, the architecture and ceiling looks like something from Europe. This church is so "popular" that they do up to three weddings a day on Saturdays (Times at 11am, 3pm, and 7pm). The pros of this are that because there was a wedding the same day as ours we were able to split the cost of the beautiful flower arrangements that were displayed at the foot of the alter. The cons were that you had to stay within your time window (~5hrs includes time slots for setup, pictures, ceremony, etc.), which when you don't do "first look" photos and wait till after the ceremony to do all your photos together is a little pressing on time. 

Our wedding slot was the middle time at 3:00pm. This was a tough call for us to make originally. We thought it was a little early for us, but we thought 7pm was too late and having it at 7pm would not let us utilize the allotted time at our reception location. Not having the ceremony and the reception at the same location did make picking our date more tedious, but since we booked so far in advance it wasn't really problematic. The main contact person for the church was amazing and was almost like a day of wedding coordinator, she was on point with scheduling and times, which made choosing the venue and times that much easier.

All of the photos taken during the ceremony were from the upper balcony quite a distance away from the altar and that was because photographers were not allowed on the ground floor. Any photos not taken at a distance were either staged or not during the actual ceremony. 

I did mess up on repeating the vows, which I knew would happen. I was flawless at the rehearsal and a laughing nervous giddy girl the day of. I should point out that I was not nervous marrying the love of my life; however, the part where everyone stares at you for what feels like an eternity was unsettling. I am definitely one of those people who do not like a lot of attention much less the attention of approximately two hundred sets of eyes.  

In all I couldn't have wished for a better day. The weather was beautiful, I did laugh a bit during the ceremony, but that is a little bit of who I am a bubbly laughing character and what better place to be your complete self than with your new husband and friends and family. Here are some of the beautiful moments capture on our special day. 

My brothers walking my mother

Amos walking his parents



The mess up of the vows and the laughing that followed...

Amos's parents and my parents

Amos's parents

My parents

Some of our formal pictures we took after the ceremony. I will say it was hard to keep a straight face the whole time and you do get a little dizzy with all of the flashes going off and people moving around. 

Amos and I with my grandparents...who are the freakin' best

My immediate family

Amos's family

All photos taken by Pink Posh Photography and if you want to catch up on any other wedding post you can see them all here.


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