Thursday, April 28, 2016

House Life According to My Iphone...

Hello y'all! I hope everyone is having a lovely week and staying dry if you live in the Houston area. The small window of good weather I had last Friday allowed me to clean up some flower beds and pot some plants. Other than that Amos and I had a pretty chilled weekend and hung out with friends and family. 

Next week is our 1-year anniversary and we might plan a quick weekend trip to Austin, but we are still throwing ideas around. This weekend; however, is the annual Bayou City Art Festival at Memorial Park. Amos and I love going to this every year and love to scout out any new art for our home. We might even make it a tradition to buy a piece of art every year and this purchase act as our yearly anniversary present to each other. How cool would it be to have a house filled with great pieces that we got together! 

Here is what life has looked like at our home according to my iphone. :) 



Signature photo Signiture_zps5dfab27f.jpg

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