Monday, April 25, 2016

Our Wedding - The Reception: The Decor & Food

Our reception was held at the Crystal Ballroom at the Rice Lofts in downtown Houston. I wrote an older post, here, on how we selected this venue and how I knew it was the one right away. 

I was born and raised in the south and I love flowers, so combining those two loves it was easy to come up with a Magnolia "themed" wedding. Amos and I have a Magnolia tree in our front yard, as well as it being favorite flowers by our grandparents so the Magnolia's held a pretty specially representation of us. Majority of the decorations that we had at our wedding I had purchased myself over the course of our year and half long engagement. I honestly continue to use quite a bit of these pieces since the wedding because my entertaining at the house has increased and I tend to go all out now when hosting. Of course pinterest also played a huge role in ideas and purchases, but overall I was very happy with how everything looked. 

The food was catered by Sambuca, which is the restaurant located directly below the venue and it is part of the contract that you must use them when holding an event at the Crystal Ballroom. Some may be turned off by this, but I loved that this was one less thing we had to worry about and the biggest plus was that the food was amazing! It was one of the most talked about things during and after our wedding day. 

All photographs were taken by Pink Posh Photography

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