Thursday, May 26, 2016

Our Wedding Day - The Reception: The Dancing & Socializing

Alright y'all here is the final post about our amazing wedding day. Like I mentioned before the two most important things to have on our wedding day was good food and good music, which we achieved.

We ended up booking for our wedding the 80's band The Spazmatics. I knew as soon as they came on that they were the perfect choice. Between their sets we did have a dj to mix up the genre of music so there was a little bit of something for everyone.

If people weren't dancing they were socializing on the huge wrap around balcony with spectacular view of downtown or taking pictures in the photobooth.  I of course danced majority of the time and when I needed a break from dancing jumped in the photobooth for some quick fun pictures. One of my favorites was when I ended up photobombing my grandparents in the photobooth, their faces were priceless. 

In all we had and threw the party of our lives! We were so incredible lucky to have those moments and more important those moments with such great people. It has been such a joy posting these photos and looking back at how wonderful everything was. 

All photos were taken by Pink Posh Photography and if y'all missed or want to revisit any other wedding post you can view them, here!

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