Thursday, July 28, 2016

Baby Room Decor Ideas

Those of y'all who have followed along know that I am absolutely obsessed with home decor so it should come as no surprise that when we announced that we were expecting that I had already been pinning like crazy on room ideas for our sweet baby. 

The middle guest room (see pic below) is what Amos and I chose to be the baby room. It is the closest to the master bedroom and the most central of all the bedrooms. I already really like the bohemian/eclectic feel of the room so that is what I plan to stick with for the overall theme. I plan on keeping the "futon" and most of the wall artwork in the room; however, we do have some new art that we plan to include. I also plan on painting the non-brick walls white to give it a cleaner and brighter feel. On the opposite wall of the "futon" there are two windows and the crib will go between them. On the wall perpendicular to the "futon" will go a rocker/glider and a smaller dresser with a changing table (where the computer and table currently is in the picture below).

We haven't bought any furniture yet as we need to move some of the pieces out of the room and we are still contemplating which pieces we should get and what we should splurge versus save. 

Here is a look at some of the inspiration photos I have found on baby room decor and you can see more on my Pinterest board here.

Love the neutral crib and blues in this combo. I want to stick with lighter furniture since the futon, brick wall, and floors are darker. I don't want the room and accessories to start to feel too dungeony. 

Indigo inspired nursery.:

This two toned crib is something else!

dark nursery idea:

Love how bright and airy this room feels. Love the natural woods with the colorful rug. 
before and after// Dr. Client Clients!!:

Love everything!


modern nursery:

Paige Jones on Instagram: “5 weeks and 4 days until this babes due date... Not that we're counting or anything.”:
Honestly I probably will take a little bit of something from all of these photos. They are all just so inspiring. Stay tuned for updates and our process with trying to figure out all the things that come with being pregnant and eventually having a little one around. 

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