Monday, July 25, 2016


If y'all have been following alone on the past post of our honeymoon cruise itinerary, I will continue with more details and photos of day 5 in Kusadasi (Ephesus), Turkey. This was another place both Amos and I had both been before, but separately. The excursions we booked for this location were a tour through the House of the Virgin Mary (a first for me) and the ruins at Ephesus.

We started our day pulling into the port of Kusadasi which has tons of shops and restaurants; however, we didn't explore Kusadasi until after our excursions. The first stop was the House of the Virgin Mary and I was super impressed and in awe. It is just so amazing to think that this was possibly the last remaining place of Mary. It never fails how I am constantly impressed by the history and how old the landmarks are in other parts of the world, especially ones as spiritual as this one. Our second stop were the ruins of Ephesus. I feel like the second time around seeing Ephesus gave extra room to explore and more "sites" were open for the public to walk through, which was neat. This time around I tried to notice the smaller details in all the building rather than the full structure like I did the first time around (y'all will notice in my pictures below). Here are a few of the pictures of our time in Turkey. 


The wall of handwritten prayers

Amos writing our prayers and thanks down to add to the wall.


Community Toilets

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