Friday, November 25, 2016

Our Honeymoon: Mediterranean Cruise - Days 13, 14, & 15 In Barcelona

Alright y'all here is the last post and stop of our honeymoon travels, which ended in our favorite city on the tour Barcelona, Spain. The hotel we stayed in was so posh and as soon as Amos and I checked in we were given champagne and I honestly felt like a celebrity...oh how the other half lives. I kept telling Amos we should move here, their attention to detail from the buildings and furniture all the way to the light fixtures blew me away. Every corner and turn had me literally gasping. 

During our time there we explored much of the famous architecture Gaudi works, which included the Sagrada Familia and Casa Mila. We also took a tour of the perimeter of the city and ate and spend a morning at the local markets. They were so colorfully and the food was amazing and fresh. One of the highlights was a nice dinner Amos had booked months in advanced at Bodega 1900 one of the restaurants owned by the famous chef Albert Adria. 

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. I only took my phone around and not my camera because I didn't want to miss anything and be distracted by the lenses, plus most of our stay there we had light showers, so the pictures aren't as nice as they should be. 

 Our Hotel and Room

Walking Around the City

Sant Antoni Local Market

Bodega 1900 Restaurant

Casa Mila by Gaudi

Sagrada Familia by Gaudi

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