Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Our Honeymoon: Mediterranean Cruise - Day 4 in Athens

The next stop on our honeymoon itinerary was Athens, Greece. Amos and I had both traveled here before which made it nice to view this city at a slower pace and together. We hired a cabbie for the day and he was awesome (I totally recommend doing this if you have already visited a city before or have a small group). He took us to a cute breakfast stop and then afterwards he took us to the acropolis and gave us a few hours to ourselves where from there he drove us all around the city to conclude at a spot where all the locals go by a fisherman's bay where we drank and ate the rest of the afternoon relaxing to a beautiful view. When you are on a rather fast pace tour and want to do and see everything, it is nice when you get those breaks at sea or cities that we had been to before. This city was one that we got to enjoy in a totally different way and it didn't disappointment at all. Always a beautiful city to visit. 

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