Monday, September 26, 2016

Our Honeymoon: Mediterranean Cruise - Day 11 In Pisa & Tuscany

Here is another post from our honeymoon, I hope y'all are enjoying these posts and finding inspiration or new travel ideas. I have a few more post in the near fear and that will complete our honeymoon travel pictures/experiences, but in the meantime let me continue sharing with y'all our 11th day of our honeymoon mediterranean cruise with us pulling up to Florence, Italy. 

This was another hard choice on deciding what and where to go since there were so many fantastic excursion choices. Florence I hear is beautiful and I recently read the illustrated version of Dan Brown's "Inferno," which takes place primarily in Florence and I was blown away by all the art and history that city has to offer. While we did not spend any time in Florence on this trip, definitely on my bucket list to go back and see the city, we instead took an excursion to tour Pisa combined with a wine tour/lunch in Tuscany. 

Pisa is a cute little city and you can do and see a lot in half a day, which we did, and still feel like you are not missing out on anything. The architecture is rich and there was a small market where we did a little shopping, especially in leather goods. 

Tuscany countryside is gorgeous! It is so green and it was a beautiful day so we got to enjoy it even more. We got to tour a family wine vineyard and had a lovely lunch in their wine cellar with a small group while sipping on all the local wine. So with the wine flowing the conversations were at ease and continuous throughout the meal. This is another place I would love to go back to and explore. 


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