Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Baby Room Progress & Updates Continued...

As I continue to get bigger and bigger and further along in this pregnancy I have been in full "go" mode to get things together for the baby room and really anything baby related. Plus it helps that I have more energy now than I did in my first trimester and in the beginning of my second trimester. I am almost complete with the nursery, I just have very small details to finish up and then I can share with y'all the full reveal, which I am dying to do because this room is my new favorite room in the house. In the meantime I will share with y'all my progress (from my last post see here) and some sneak peak photos. 

Nursery To Do List: 

  1. Clear out furniture that is not staying in the room (This was everything except the "futon".  - Complete
  2. Paint the non-brick walls white. - Complete
  3. Buy the crib and assemble it.  - Complete (We were gifted this crib)
  4. Get a crib mattress and cute accessories. - Complete (I purchased these quilts, see here and here, and this swaddle blanket set, see here)
  5. Buy a glider/rocker & small dresser with changing table.  - Complete (We bought this dresser and were gifted this glider)
  6. Get artwork framed and hung. (Here is a photo I took of some of the artwork we got at an art festival earlier this year here that I plan to use in the room.) - Complete (I bought a couple more cute pieces from etsy see here and here)
  7. Buy acrylic book frames and hang. - Complete (I found a cheaper version of the acrylic shelves, see here)
  8. Make a feather mobile. (I am loving these herehere, and here.)
  9. Maybe replace curtains and the rug? I will have to see once more artwork and furniture is in the room. -Complete (With the new pillows the rug looks perfect in the room, but I did end up switching out the curtains with ones I already had)
  10. Figure out how I am going to organize and design the closet space for baby clothes. 
  11. Buy changing pad with pad covers - Complete (I bought this pad and these covers)
  12. We have so many record players and records that I put one of our record players on an acrylic cart I have (see here) in the baby room and I would like to listen to records with the baby, however I need to get a speaker for it still. 
Some other big items that I have been tackling that aren't related to the baby room are: 
  1. Get guest list together for the few baby showers I will be having (One of the showers will be hosted at our house and I will have to share a post on the theme inspiration for that one, but a hint think Bohemian, ha much like the baby's room) 
  2. Start baby registries and go through registry checklists. I have pretty much finished this up with all the essentials and must haves. 
  3. Calling my insurance and getting all my ducks in a row before and after this baby is born and also what all is covered. Found out they will cover the breast pump 100%, so I went ahead and purchased one, see here
  4. I need to look into educational classes offered and sign up, like "Baby Care Basics", "Breastfeeding", "Child Birthing", etc. 
  5. Catch up on my baby reading material
  6. My mother-n-law is amazing at crocheting so I have been giving her more ideas of cute baby beanies and outfits, expect a post about this soon. She has already done a few great pieces for us.


Stay tuned for more updates and the final nursery reveal! I will continue to source everything and give a final source list once I reveal the baby room.

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