Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Baby Room Progress & Updates

Amos and I are starting to make some progress in the baby room. A few weeks ago I shared some baby room decor ideas in a post here. Now that I have an idea of the direction I want to go in, I decided to make a list of what needs to be done (Ha total type A person with my lists): 
  1. Clear out furniture that is not staying in the room (This was everything except the "futon".  - Completed
  2. Paint the non-brick walls white. - Completed
  3. Buy the crib and assemble it.  - Completed (The crib we bought you can see here)
  4. Get a crib mattress and cute accessories. (I am in love with this bison quilt, seen here, and I would love to design around this for the crib.)
  5. Buy a glider/rocker & small dresser with changing table. (See ideas of rockers here and here and ideas of dressers here and here.)
  6. Get artwork framed and hung. (Here is a photo I took of some of the artwork we got at an art festival earlier this year here that I plan to use in the room.)
  7. Buy acrylic book frames and hang. (See which ones I have my eyes on here and the inspirational photo here.)
  8. Make a feather mobile. (I am loving these here, here, and here.)
  9. Maybe replace curtains and the rug? I will have to see once more artwork and furniture is in the room. 
  10. Figure out how I am going to organize and design the closet space for baby clothes. 

I am sure some of the items may change or the list may grow, but I think it is pretty solid list so far and we have done great with our progress. I can't wait to see how this room comes together in the end. 

Here are some of the before photos of the bedroom with the extra furniture removed and the walls the original color from when we bought the house. The fan we replaced last year with a more modern one that you can see in the photos below from home depot. 

Here is the progress we have made with the crib assembled and the walls white. It is so bright and airy in the room and I absolutely love how the crib looks in this room. Now to decorate!!

Stay tuned for more updates. :)

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