Friday, March 7, 2014

Moving Tips

Amos and I are currently in the process of slowly packing up the loft. It is amazing to see all of the stuff I have managed to accumulate over the last five years, especially all of the items made out of glass (I have already gone through three large rolls of bubble wrap). I am glad we are doing the packing in stages instead of trying to do it all at once because I would be extremely stressed out and overwhelmed. To make the moving process somewhat bearable I found some really cool moving tips/ideas here

For powdered makeup place cotton balls in the containers so they don't break.

Get Press'n Seal to hold all of your jewelry together so they won't get tangled. 

To help out on cost saving with bubble wrap use your clothes or clean socks to wrap fragile items.

Place your plates vertical so they are less likely to break during the move.

Use tap to keep all of your furniture screws together.

Use a trash bag to gather your clothes while still on the hanger.

Take a picture of your electronics before you disconnect them so you will know how to reconnect it. 

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