Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Dining Area Updates and Ideas

Our last piece of dining room furniture came in, the buffet table. I have already decorated it with a few different objects and even then rearranged them multiple times. I am sure I will continue to mess with the configuration a few more times until it feels and looks right. 

So all the pieces in our home are complete and put together, for the exception of the few built in pieces we want (i.e. bookshelves, kitchen island). All the boxes are unpacked and put up, except for Amos's office/guest room and the books (because the don't have shelving yet), and it is one of the greatest feelings, as seen here and here.

Now is the really fun part where you start to hang art and pieces on the wall and arrange all the pretty little details we all love. For the dining room specifically, I want to do a d.i.y large chalkboard and hang multiple botanical prints over the buffet table. Here are the inspiration photos here.

Here are pictures of the dining area. 

Once the chalkboard is built I will post the process on the how to and any tutorials I find on how to do the beautiful chalk fonts you see on all the boards. 
Signature photo Signiture_zps5dfab27f.jpg

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