Thursday, May 15, 2014

D.I.Y. Chalkboard

Chalkboards are making a huge come back, and I'm not talking about the ones from our childhood classrooms. You can't get on Pinterest without seeing some cute application with chalkboards or chalkboard paint. So I thought I would give it a shot. 

I knew I wanted a really big chalkboard since I have the wall space for the dining area; I talked about inspiration photos here. I already had the chalkboard paint from a while ago so the next step was to figure out the frame. Amos and I went to HomeDepot and bought really big white trim. We cut the pieces ourselves at home, but without having a proper table saw our corners didn't really match up the way they were supposed to. The original size we made was 3' by 5'. Well since that attempt failed and I knew this was going to be a big focal point in this area I decided to go to my reliable frame shop in Hobby Lobby that I have had numerous items framed (like the frame over the TV in the master bedroom, here) After seeing the size from the first attempt I decided to add an extra foot in length so the new frame ended up being 3' by 6'.

The next decision to make was do I want to place wood in the frame and paint the wood or do I want to paint directly onto the wall. I did some research and saw both ways. Since the frame was custom built I didn't want to risk not cutting the right size of wood for the frame and went with the easier option of just painting the wall directly. I had Amos hold the frame up on the wall and I outlined the inside corners so to get an idea of the painting area. I did a total of three coats on the wall.  

Below are the pictures and steps I took. I cannot wait to decorate this board for the holidays, birthdays, and upcoming wedding events. 

Signature photo Signiture_zps5dfab27f.jpg

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