Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Traveling Engagement Ring

I have been posting a lot about traveling recently and well I guess that has to do with me being away awhile from home traveling for work. I knew this long job was coming up and this would be my third trip since being engaged and I wanted a solution about an engagement ring. Since some of the places I travel and locations I go to are not suitable for fine jewelry, much less wearing jewelry period, I wanted an alternative ring for these travels and not my beautiful engagement ring that Amos designed for me. I stumbled across this etsy page on instagram and feel in love with her simple designs. I love everything in Artemer shop, I'll have one of everything please. I hope to add layers in the years to come. Here is the ring I chose, which is a design that I normally wouldn't go with, but I love how dainty and simple it is. A big plus as well is that there are two rings that can act as the engagement and wedding band. Here are the photos from the shop below of the ring I chose. Enjoy!

Signature photo Signiture_zps5dfab27f.jpg


  1. That has to be one of the most beautiful engagement rings I've ever seen! That is so unique! That has altered my taste for sure. I would love to have one like that. http://changetjewelers.com/engagement-bridal.php

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