Wednesday, September 30, 2015

New Year's Getaway - Charleston:The Food

Charleston's reputation as a food lover's paradise is undeniable.  The number of utterly superb bars and restaurants within walking distance of each other is amazing.   The only restaurant we drove to during our week long stay was "The Grocery", and that was due to the threat of rain. 

Here are some of the culinary highlights of our stay. 

The Blind Tiger Pub: 36-38 Broad St., Charleston, SC 29401

The Blind Tiger Pub: White Corn Fritters - Spicy white corn and cilantro fritters, fried, and served with Blind Tiger's secret sauce. 

Our dinner at the Grocery was an absolute joy. The Grocery's treatment of each of the locally sourced and in house cured selections on their charcuterie plate brought out the intricacies and subtle differences in each meat. My husband and I decided to share the Grocery's excellent cassoulet. 

The Grocery: 4 Cannon St., Charleston, SC 29403 

The Grocery: 4 Cannon St., Charleston, SC 29403 

Cocktail @ the Grocery

Once again, all ingredients were both locally sourced and prepared in-house. The dish consisted of roasted loin garlic sausage, and a roasted duck leg quarter and all served with lentils and greens. It was both flavorful and delicate all at once. 

Cassoulet with lentils, greens, roasted loin, garlic sausage, and a roasted duck leg quarter

If all that wasn't enough, we had to try both the peanut butter and chocolate dessert and the churros with dipping sauces. 

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Dessert @ the Grocery

Churros with Caramel, Vanilla Bean and Dark Chocolate chili dipping sauces @ the Grocery

I can honestly say that the churros were some of the best I have ever had, and being from Texas, we've had a lot! 

Everyone in town told us to try the Husk cheeseburger, and it did not disappoint! Everything from the house-made buns to the perfectly seared bacon infused patty to the gooey melted American cheese defied expectations.  I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!

Menu and Bread Service @ Husk

Husk: 76 Queen St., Charleston, SC 29401

When it was all said and done, I believe we tried some of the best that Charleston has to offer. In addition to those restaurants mentioned, and pictured above, we were also lucky enough to try some local barbecue, breakfast/brunch as well as dinner at Macintosh. That being said, there's still so much more to try, for insistence, Fig and Slightly North of Broad immediately come to mind. I guess we will have to try those next time. 

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