Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Heather's Bridal Shower

As I am getting ready for this Thanksgiving break, which is much needed, I finally got around to editing the photos for my NOW sister-n-law's bridal shower that I was so honored to host two weekends ago at my house. 
I tried to stick with her wedding color's and fall like theme, since the wedding was the following weekend, I opted to let her use anything she so wished from the decorations for her big day if needed. It turned out to be a beautiful day and there was so much love and happiness, much like her wedding day turned out being so in all it was a success. But enough of this chit-chat and lets look at the glowing (then) soon to be bride and some of the decorations my mother and I put together for her shower.  

The soon to be bride and her/my mother

The soon to be bride and some of her bridesmaids

The soon to be bride and her maid of honor
The shower gifts

And now shots of the soon to be bride opening up some of her gifts. Too cute!

Much love and happiness Heather,
Love you Sis!

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