Friday, December 4, 2015

Christmas Decorations 2015 at the Prince House

I feel it is tradition that I start decorating for Christmas the weekend following Thanksgiving. Usually I am on top of it, but since I was going for a different look this year it took me an extra weekend...or two (You can see what I did last year here, and if you want to go way back you can see the loft decorations here, oh and my mom's decorations one year was sooo on point, see here). Okay now lets get to this years decorations already.

I really haven't bought new decorations, not that I really need to, in a few years now. Don't get me wrong I will pick up a few ornaments after Christmas when they are on clearance and super cheap; however, in all I have been pretty content with what I have. But like I have mentioned before design is a constant evolving process and I wanted a less "cute" look, especially for the front living room, and decided to go with a monochromatic look. Another thing I chose to do differently this year was expand the decor from just the front living room into the dining area as well, this is essentially where I used most of my older decorations. Now I must note I really didn't go crazy with the shopping on getting a complete new Christmas look, I picked up two new stockings and holders, a few new ornaments, and some garland all of which were on clearance in some form or another. Other than that everything else I already had. So enough of this intro and lets get to the pictures.

Here is the front living room, which you see as soon as you walk into the front door. I tried to stick with all white and golds and I love how it looks in this room. The magnolia garland is fake garland I bought for my wedding and I mixed it with real magnolia leaves from the magnolia tree in our front yard. The white magnolia flowers are fake and I also bought those thinking I would use them for our wedding, but I didn't so I am glad I found use of them in our Christmas tree decor this year. 

Next are the bar cart areas that are in between the front living room and kind of merge into the main living room and into the dining area.  

Last, but no least, is the dining area. Here I used more magnolia leaves to make arrangements and added wreathes and garland on the back of the dining room chairs and bar height chairs. I put this area together kind of quickly so I don't know if the decor will all stay this way and/or make a comeback for next year's Christmas. 

Hope y'all enjoyed the pics! Have a wonderful holiday!

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