Monday, March 14, 2016

Anthropologie Home Decor Obsession!

I love me some Anthropologie, especially the home decor. I don't know exactly when this obsession started, I believe somewhere after I graduated collage and when getting my own place started to become a reality. Now in our second home I have more space and a true entertaining room which means I have gone into Anthropologie decor overload. Let me go over some of my favorite Anthropologie pieces, majority of these pieces I got on sale or had a coupon, because let's be real it can be expensive and all add up quickly, but I believe spending an extra bit of money on quality goes a long way. Trust me I have had a lot of experience with furniture piece buying, you think you are saving in the beginning, but it can come back to bite you if you didn't get the right piece and a sturdy piece. I will take y'all room to room and link some of my favorite Anthro pieces. 

The first few Antro pieces you see are when you walk through the front door are the tufted blue velvet chesterfield couch and the antique mirror. Chesterfield seating collection is my absolute favorite couch/chair design ever! I have an orange leather chesterfield love seat in my office and I just ordered another chesterfield grey velvet couch, here, for our main living room (pics and story to come later). The antique mirror I could have in every size Antro offers and put one in every room it is that breath taking. I also have these cute pineapple candles

I totally went with a different Christmas decor last year and picked up some great Anthro decor like these stockings and stocking holders. 

In this room is also a bar area where I display some Anthro glasses

Speaking of Antho glasses I got a lot of these blush glassware from our wedding registry and they are so pretty to use to entertain and just a beautiful display as well!

Here I used Anthro glasswaredinnerware, and napkins to host a quick Christmas family dinner, see more photos, here. I recently got these plates as well to add to when I host a bigger dinner party I think the mix and match will be super cute.

It is just so hard not to snap up a pretty glass or plate when I walk into Anthro, like these beauties...

Our hutch in the dining area is full of Anthro entertaining pieces, like these tree stumps cake stands, antique glass butter dish and pitcher. You can't see because of the flowers, but I also have a few Anthro teapots and sets, as well as a few pitchers, stored in our hutch. 

When we did our kitchen phase 1 project last year, I added a lot of copper/brass decor to the open shelving and these Anthro baskets were perfect. I also love adding blues and this Anthro collection is great!

Another bar cart area has a few Anthro goodies, the letter A painted with a cute harbor scene and a few glasses

Our main living room, which I spoke of a new Anthro couch coming next excited, has a few Anthro accessories like this throw blanket and cute pillow that add to my Moroccan theme. 

Our master bedroom is filled with Anthro beddingpillows, and throw blankets. The quality is fantastic and even my husband thinks they are great...well not the quantity, haha. 

Well as you can see I have an Anthro problem, but I just can't help myself, house stuff is my weakness, much like a moth to a flame as the saying goes. If you are curious about any other items you can see more on my pinterest board here or on my instagram feed

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